Look around any corner and you will find a McDonald's. But, if you look around any corner you will probably NOT find a CosMc's. . Well, it looks like McDonald's spin-off restaurant is starting on that journey. And it's the second store ever and first in Texas just made it's debut! Get ready, CosMc's is coming!


CosMc's in Dallas just opened up and is ready to take you OUT OF THIS WORLD with their unique menu. Located at 6033 Campbell Road in Dallas, Texas this is the frist locatio i the stae of Texas but not hte last.

According to this article...

Following the Dallas location, McDonald’s is gearing up to open nine additional stores in Texas across the North Texas and San Antonio regions. There’s even a CosMc’s planned for southwest Fort Worth at 5341 McPherson Blvd., according to a recent state filing.


So, even though it's a McDonald's spin-off , you will not find any Big Mac's or Happy Meals on their menu? When you look at their MENU on their website you really see DRINKS AND MORE DRINKS!

    • Sour Cherry Energy Boost
    • Blueberry Ginger Boost
    • Island Pick Me Up Punch

Food or Snack options do include some McDonald's favorites like the Egg McMuffin and the  Sausage McMuffin with Egg. And there is some NEW sandwiches like the Spicy Queso Sandwich and the Creamy Avocado Tamatillo Sandwhich.


Soft serve and Baked goods are also on the menu. Check out the MENU here!

Do you plan to visit a TEXAS location in the future?

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