Pot may be legal in many states but it's not in Texas, (and, sadly, probably won't be for quite a while), these stars all found that out the hard way. A couple in El Paso.

Rock stars and drugs go hand in hand. They don't all get high but a lot of 'em do and Johnny Law doesn't like that.

Here are some rockers, rappers and country artists who ran afoul of drug laws in Texas with a few that got popped here, (or near), El Chuco.

Localy, semi - locally and across the state, Boys will be boys ... and sometimes the ladies too.

Who Was Arrested For Drugs In El Paso?

We'll start with the guys that got busted in El Paso. Johnny Cash was coming back from Juarez in 1965 when the man found a ton of pills in his guitar case.

When I say a ton, I'm not exaggerating ... he had 668 Dexadrine's and 473 Equani tablets in there. Adding insult to injury, an El Paso sheriff later tried to blackmail him.

Next up, in 2011, rappers Paul Wall and Baby Bash spent a minute in the El Chuco hoosegow for having marijuana in a "no drug zone". (Isn't the whole state a no drug zone??)

Who Was Arrested Near El Paso?

The Border Patrol checkpoint near Sierra Blanca, about 90 miles from El Paso, has racked up quite a guest list for the local clink.

It includes Fiona Apple, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. Snoop and Willie for possession of pot? There's some detective work for you ...

Who Was Arrested in Other Parts Of Texas?

Throughout the rest of the state, a bunch of artists have been popped for various things including:


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Vince Neil - Dallas, 2004, aggravated assault.

Carlos Santana - Houston, 1992, marijuana.

Steve Earl - Dallas, 1987, assaulting a police officer.

Ozzy - San Antonio, 1982, public urination, defiling a national monument. He peed on a statue near the Alamo and was banned from San Antonio. (The ban was lifted in 1991.)

David Crosby - Dallas, 1982, cocaine, illegal weapons.

Billy Joe Shaver - Lorena, 2007, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm in a prohibited area.

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G. G. Allin - Austin, 1992, outstanding warrants in Michigan. (This guy was nuts.)

Willie Nelson - Dallas 1974, marijuana. Waco, 1994, marijuana. 2010 Sierra Blanca, marijuana.

Next? We'll see ... be careful Willie.

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