The Devil's Sinkhole is a real place in Texas. It's also real deep and may have a real creepy past.

The Devil's Sinkhole is about 400 feet deep and 50 feet, give or take, across. So, try not fall in and become one of the ancient dead it is said to be home to.

It's also home to millions of Mexican free tailed bats so, you might want to avoid the edge completely if it's near dusk.

The Devil's Sinkhole was declared a national landmark in 1985 and the area is only accessible via tours organized by the Devil's Sinkhole Society.

This is archeological evidence that the sinkhole was once considered sacred by Native Americans, as locals have found stalactites, arrowheads and other treasures from the area. Evidence from around the site indicates that the sinkhole may have been used for burial of the dead, as “Native Americans considered sinkholes as well as caves, crevices, springs and seeps to be avenues to the underworld and the earth gods…In much later times, the sinkhole was a gathering place for cowboys and cavers, who etched their names and other graffiti into the limestone walls.”

Visitors are no longer allowed to enter the Devil's Sinkhole but there is a viewing platform over it from which you can see down inside.

For more info, call (830) 683-2287. (That's 830 - 683 - BATS)

Call the same number to book tours which can include nature walks, daytime Sinkhole visits and evening bat flights.

The bat flights, as you can see in the videos, are pretty amazing.

Somewhere between 1 and 4 million Mexican free tail bats inhabit the Devil's Sinkhole. When they come out in the evening to hunt, as you can see in the videos, the sky is filled with them.

As you can also see, they can get pretty close.

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