We all knew Joel Osteen had a lot of money, but it looks like someone was hiding some money for a rainy day.

I have no idea why people give televangelists like this money. Just Google Joel Osteen's home and you tell me if you need to send this guy a single penny of your money. People like Joel Osteen are why people want churches to be taxed. I'm not saying all churches are like this, but people like Joel Osteen need their books opened up.

Well it looks like someone in Joel Osteen's camp had some money hidden away. No idea who put this money back there, but someone clearly forgot they had put some money behind a bathroom wall. A plumber was doing some reconstruction in the mega church's bathroom. A toilet was removed and the wall behind was having some work done.

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When the insulation was pulled from the wall, hundreds of envelopes began falling out of the wall. They were filled with cash and checks. How much in total? $600,000! Now the plumber, who has only said his name is Justin, said he is actually an attendee to Olsteen's service.

“I wanted to hear [Joel Osteen] say, ‘You know, Justin, what you did was right. We understand what you did and what you could have done,’” the man said. Now where is this cash from? According to Houston Police, the church claimed their safe was robbed back in 2014 and they believe these envelopes are from that robbery.

We will see if Mr. Olsteen says anything about hundreds of thousands of dollars hiding behind his walls.

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