In some recently unearthed interviews that took place between 1969 and 1972, John Lennon admits his focus shifted from The Beatles to Yoko Ono because she was more intellectually stimulating.

In other words, Yoko's MIND broke up the Beatles, in a way.

He says, quote, "It's no good being with people you can dominate all the time, or being with someone who can dominate YOU all the time...because either one is boring.

"But if you're with somebody who's got a 'ticking' mind, which was the best part about being with the Beatles when they were ticking, is they were ticking, you know?  But it began to slow down.

"But with Yoko, it's like living with four or five's far out."

John also talks about not knowing real love when he was singing "All You Need Is Love"...marriage...turning romantic...and somewhat randomly, his love of TV.

(The "ticking" part comes two minutes in.)