John Oates may not have been the heartthrob in Hall & Oates, but that doesn't mean he didn't get his fair share of conquests during their peak years. But he reveals in a new video that, as much as he may have indulged, it was never while music played.

In one of TMZ's latest ambush-a-celeb-on-the-street-and-ask-an-impolite-question videos, he was asked which song was playing when he lost his virginity. While one would expect Oates, whose love of soul has always been a part of his work, to offer a Marvin Gaye or Otis Redding classic, he instead revealed that his passion for music trumps everything else.

"I didn't lose my virginity to any song because when I hear music I couldn't even get a hard-on," he said in between sigining autographs for fans. "Because I have to listen to it instead."

The newly minted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer also didn't shy away from other questions regarding his past. "I've saved tons of virgins. You have no idea," he said, adding that the number of people who have had sex to his music is both "incalculable" and "fantastic" calling this particular line of questioning "really unusual."

The video also Oates confirming what we had learned last month, that Hall & Oates' hit 'Maneater' wasn't about a woman, but about New York City in the '80s. “It’s about greed, avarice, and spoiled riches," he said back then. "But we have it in the setting of a girl because it’s more relatable. It’s something that people can understand. That’s what we do all of the time.”

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