It's not unusual for fans to wear cosplay to big movie openings, whether its seeing a Darth Maul at Star Wars or a Spider-man suit at the latest Marvel movie release.

We contacted Alamo Drafthouse, Premiere Cinemas, and Cinemark in Lubbock to find out the rules for their screenings of Joker.

Patrons are expressly not permitted to wear masks or face paint to Joker screenings at the three movie theaters. Premiere Cinemas said they're going one step further and not allowing cosplay/costumes in general, as well as banning big bags and backpacks. And of course, no prop weapons of any kind are allowed at any theater.

Alamo Drafthouse has also strongly encouraged parents to not bring children to see Joker, as it is "Taxi Driver-esque" and "they won't like it anyway [since] there's no Batman." Joker is rated R for a reason.

According to Cinemablend, it's really not "that kind" of movie anyway:

Joker is an unusual movie in an unusual place. While it's based on a character from a comic book, it also appears to be set in a world that is as "normal" as your average cinematic drama. In fact, the title is the only thing that makes it a comic book movie. If it were called something else, it could just as easily be your standard end-of-year theatrical drama about a disturbed individual that's looking for awards consideration.

The fear is that due to credible threats from "incel" message boards, the film is ripe for a mass shooting incident akin to the 2012 mass shooting at an Aurora, Colorado theater during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

Why the slimiest, most degenerate members of society have chosen to make this franchise their mantle is beyond me.

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