Josh Abbott Band singer Josh Abbott is asking for prayers for his father after a stroke he suffered one week ago. The singer says his dad isn't doing well.

Additionally, Friday night's concert at Hurricane Harry's in College Station, Texas has been postponed. While no one from the band has said they had to move the show because of Abbott's father's health, they retweeted reports that it came because of a family health emergency. Abbott says his dad suffered a stroke on Feb. 9, but he didn't recognize its effects until two days later.

"Tell your family you love them. You just never know what can happen and then it might be too late," he writes on Instagram.

The next concert listed on the group's website is for Feb. 25 in El Paso, Texas. It's been a roller coaster few years for the Josh Abbott Band. In 2016 they enjoyed commercial success with a song called "Wasn't That Drunk," and the follow-up "Amnesia" received critical praise. They also were forced to cancel several shows last summer after a series of "heavy emotional blows" that included the death of a grandfather, the discovery of a dead body in Las Vegas and Abbott's extreme case of anaphylaxis.

The 2017 Live It While You've Got It Tour started in early January and continues through March. Abbott says "Amnesia" is his personal favorite from the Front Row Seat album.

“This is a breakup song and we haven’t put one of those to radio in a long time, maybe ever,” he says. “I just thought that was a really cool song for fans to hear and go ‘This is different. I like it. It’s different. They’ve grown up a little bit’.”

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