Kendal Briles will be in Lubbock next season. Not as the Offensive Coordinator of the Red Raiders, but as the Offensive Coordinator of the Houston Cougars. Major Applewhite has hired Briles away from FAU and Lane Kiffin.

The Red Raiders and Houston Cougars face off in Lubbock on September, 15th, 2018.

Briles returns to Houston after being a player and student assistant there when his father Art Briles was the Cougars head coach in the mid-2000s.

As the OC at FAU, Kendall Briles led the Owls to the 8th ranked scoring offense in the nation scoring over 40 points a game, rushing for nearly 4,000 yards and passing for another 3,000. At times, the Owls looked like the Baylor Bears at the peak of their efficiency in the heyday.

The heyday of Baylor is what people are worried about, though.

Kendal Briles had recruiting violations before the Baylor scandal of sexual assault rocked college football and got his dad fired. Briles is also named directly in the lawsuit that came from that scandal.

Briles isn't the only ex-Baylor coach joining University of Houston football. Randy Clements will join the Cougar staff as the offensive line coach.

Houston Head Coach Major Applewhite said of the hiring: "We are excited to welcome Kendal, Randy and their families back to Houston, they have extensive knowledge of our program and its standards, and we know they will be the right fit."

It's interesting for Applewhite to mention standards, being that everyone who has concerns about the hire has concerns that Kendal Briles has no standards. Is history repeating already with members of the same staff that winning is more important than having a quality program?

As far as winning goes, it's hard to argue against the Briles offense. "They both have been a part of some of the nation's top offenses with multiple programs and have shown the ability to learn and adapt while staying thoroughly tied into our state's landscape in terms of recruiting," said Applewhite.

Once again, interesting choice of words with Briles being popped for recruiting violations at a track meet, quoted as saying "do you like white women? Because we have a lot of them at Baylor and they love football players," according to a Title IX lawsuit at Baylor.

More from Applewhite: "Throughout this process we have researched their abilities and backgrounds with several references and have received glowing praise.”

It could be that Kendal Briles learned a valuable lesson during his time at Baylor, but it's still a leap for Houston to take a chance on a coach with his history. It's also true that every job that Briles takes puts him further and further away from what happened at Baylor.

Someday, he might be far enough away from there to get a head coaching job.

It's worth asking: Would you have taken Kendal Briles to man the open offensive coordinator job at Texas Tech with Eric Morris' departure?


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