If you missed out on Kidz Bop this past Friday - then you missed one heck of a show!!!The show kicked off at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Theater at 6pm last Friday, August 8th - and kicking off the show was Lubbock's very own dance company - The Dance Gallery!  Their competitive dance group did a tap dance that warmed the crowd up for the show to come!

Tre Preston - the Kidz Bop choreographer then came out to entertain the crowd to get them pumped up and excited for the show to come!  He did some dancing, joke telling and threw prizes to the audience!


And then...SHOW TIME!  Ashlynn, Bredia, Grant, Jayna and Matt hit the stage with force!  Singing, dancing and doing gymnastics across the stage -  and they never missed a beat!

The kids even pulled some volunteers out of the audience to help on stage - kids and parents alike!  But I have to say - watching the parents do Gangnam Style followed by a 'dance off' with the Kidz Bop kids had the crowd laughing and cheering!

At the end of the show - the message was loud and clear - 'DREAM BIG, SING LOUD'!



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