In June earlier this year, KISS legend Gene Simmons riled up rock and metal fans after he filed a trademark application with the U.S. Patent Office for a familiar hand gesture. Many liked in to the "devil horns" populated by Ronnie James Dio, but this version differed and has been widely used by Simmons since 1974. The paperwork has since been withdrawn and the bassist / vocalist was recently asked if he regretted the move.

“I regret nothing," Simmons told Windsor Star in a new interview. "Wake up every morning and let your conscience be your guide," he added. The KISS demon went on to mention other commonly used images and terms he has ownership of, stating, “Did you know I own the money bag logo? The dollar sign with the bag of money. I own all kinds of things. I own ‘motion pictures’ as a trademark. Anyone who thinks that’s silly — the silliest thing I’ve ever done is wear more makeup and higher heels than your mommy.”

Capping of his remarks, Simmons asserted some attitude when he commented, “People said, ‘You can’t do that.’ Actually, b--ch — I can. I can do anything I want to do.”

Prior to pulling the plug on the attempted trademark, Simmons was said to have filed it for “entertainment, namely, live performances by a musical artist; personal appearances by a musical artist.” In 1974, he began using the gesture on KISS' "Hotter Than Hell" tour and famously flashed the sign on the cover of the Love Gun album.

When Simmons' bandmate Paul Stanley guested on the Loudwire Podcast (audio below), we asked him what he thought of the trademark attempt. “What he does, he does for the reasons that only he knows. I don’t know why he pulled it and I don’t know why he started it," said the Starchild.

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