They didn't play together, but both had great careers while at Texas Tech. They are also both Super Bowl Champions with the New England Patriots.

Danny won his second ring this season, while Kliff Kingsbury was a member of the Patriots during his rookie year in 2003 when the Patriots beat the Panthers in SB XXXVIII.

Speaking of Kliff Kingsbury in the NFL, I couldn't find an acceptable photo of him playing for the Patriots, but check out this NFL headshot from his time with the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints 2005 Headshots
NFL via Getty Images

Tom Brad GOAT t-shirt
Kliff Kingsbury via Twitter

That T-Shirt

Kingsbury didn't have much NFL success, but he does recognize greatness. If you notice the shirt Kingsbury was rocking in the tweet above, he clearly thinks Tom Brady is the greatest of all time, aka The GOAT.

If you want to look just like Kliff Kingsbury, you can get your very own Tom Brady GOAT shirt from

I don't know that I can agree...yet. I'm the kind of fan that likes to see someone retire before I start talking bout greatness and legacy but at this point it's just waiting until he retires before I start calling him the best. I don't even know who's in the conversation to be better than him.

Montana? Aikman? Manning?

I guess the debate can rage on but as far as Kliff Kingsbury is concerned TB12 is the GOAT.

One other point, I think I'd rather party with Kliff Kingsbury than watch him coach any more games. I bet that guy can party. Kingsbury and Wes Welker could throw one hell of an Alumni Party.


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