Want to pawn some of your stuff without actually going to a pawn shop?  Where you'll either feel like your life is in danger, or you'll be shown pawning something by one of the eight million pawn shop reality TV shows?

There's a website called Pawngo.com that's taken the fine art of pawning and moved it completely online.  Where it actually seems like a pretty good fit.

Basically, you tell Pawngo about your item.  They assess it and email you an offer within 24 hours.  You almost faint at how low the offer is, but end up taking it and FedEx them your item for free.  Then they send you a cash loan.

As long as you pay off the loan within three months, you get your stuff back.  If you don't, they sell it.  The company says about 80% of people get their stuff back.

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