Ladies grab your friends and get ready for some true "me" time! There is a new event coming April 29th specifically for women to get some quality time with and for women.

The "Its Time For Me Day" Expo is sponsored by Rain International and will be April 29th at the Clarion Hotel at South Loop 289 and Just East of Indiana. You know, the old Holiday Inn with the huge indoor pool and courtyard. This is an event created not only to help support a good cause but also to hopefully create a fun thing for women to do together that lets them escape from everyday life for a few hours. Bring your girlfriends for fun, shopping, and food! The event goes from 10am-5pm and is only $5 at the door to get in, but if you purchase 5 or more raffle tickets you get in free. What are the raffle tickets for you ask? They are for a ton of stuff because every booth and vendor is raffling something. And the raffle tickets are only $5 and close to 50 people will win.

There will be close to 50 booths and vendors with everything from cosmetics, massage, nails, Botox, jewelry, clothes, beauty products, health products, food and beverages, and tons of shopping as well.

So mark your calendars for a ladies event you don't want to miss. Plus the proceeds from the event benefit a nonprofit organization called OneVo!ceHome. This wonderful charity offers victims of domestic minors saved from sex trafficking, a safe home for restoration and new beginnings. So you can shop, eat, drink and be merry, while you give hope to a rising tragedy that needs our help and attention in America with our young women.

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