So, you've gotten laid off. What do you do in the waning days of your job? Search job sites for other positions? Network with other people in your office? Dunk on a children's basket?

In this trending video, a man in an office who'd been laid off spends his final days on the job with the dunking option.

The man throws down a wide variety of dunks in what appears to be an empty office. It's unclear why he's been laid off, but if he spent this much time dunking before being laid off then we'd have to believe that would have something to do with it. Pretending you're Michael Jordan when you should be putting together presentations probably doesn't sit too well the suits upstairs who pay your salary, you know.

In any event, he's got some good form. Whenever he gets around to firing off some resumes, he should definitely put "dunking master" under "special skills."

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