First of all, you should know that I'm far from being any kind of squirrel-kissing hippie. I'm not using recycled glass because Al Gore told me to or because I'm scared that some polar bear is going to have a heat stroke if I don't use this stuff.

The fact's FREE and I'm all about free anything.

Anyway, you may have seen this bedding material used in Lubbock at the Louise Hopkins-Underwood Center for the Arts downtown. That's where I first saw it used. I understand that the city actually uses the recycled glass in several locations around town. More on what it looks like in the videos below.

Where to get it:

Just go to the Lubbock Recycling Center on 84th & Ave.P. If you're going down 82nd, just head south on Ave. P and follow the signs. You can ask the attendant to point you to the recycled glass, but you can clearly see the two HUGE piles of it once you go through the second gate.

Here's some video I took of my trip to the Center:

The sand you see in the piles and in my hand when I picked up the glass in that video is actually used in a tumbler to round off each piece of glass so there are no sharp edges. Seriously, I even demonstrated to my friends that it's completely safe and edge-free by walking on it in my bare feet!

If you were to purchase this material, you would spend a fortune to cover any sizeable area of your yard!

Click HERE to see a website that sells the stuff. DON'T BUY ANYTHING! Remember, we get it for free!

Anyway, I have a spot in my yard where absolutely NOTHING will grow. I've tried to plant oxalis, vinca and every other kind of hearty groundcover you could imagine with no success. I bet I've spent close to $200 trying to get something to grow there.

Here's a video of the area I'm talking about:

After I tilled up the whole area and hauled away the first three inches of soil, I started to fill it all in with the recycled glass.

Here's video of what it looked like when I got done:

As you can see, it looks much better and it only took me about an hour to complete the whole job!

On a side yellow lab loves it since it stays cooler than the concrete and it's actually somewhat "soft" for her to lay in. If you have a pet or young children who may come into frequent contact with the area of glass that you lay, just spray it down REALLY WELL so all of the tiny shards of glass fall to the bottom. I didn't find any sharp pieces in the glass I laid, but you can never be too careful with pets or little ones!

There you go! It's that easy and it's FREE! Here I was going to spend over $200 at a local nursery for lava rock to fill the same space. I'm glad I went with the FREE recycled glass. Who knows, one of my wine bottles might be in there somewhere!

For more information on the Lubbock Recycling Center, click HERE! For other info contact Solid Waste at 3-1-1.


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