So, we were sitting around in my backyard watching golf on Sunday when I realized I had some moose meat. I like chili. My buddy John likes chili. The wives and girlfriends...not so much. Who cares what they think?!?!

So we made Moose Meat Chili!

If you want to make your own, you can order the meat HERE.

Step 1.) Brown your moose meat. (Beans are optional):

I feel like I should point out that as a true Texan, I would NEVER add beans to my regular chili. But this was moose meat and we thought the beans would make it taste less awful.

Step 2.) Add a little "hot" Rotel, chili powder, garlic salt, worcestershire and pepper.

You can see my yellow lab Zoey in the background. She likes to help when we cook.

Step 3.) Cover and simmer:

How does it taste? Lets have the boys on our sister station FMX give it a try:

Now, go make your own!