Breaking news? With the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan Charlie Sheen's "winning" press whirlwind has taken a hit. Does anyone really care? Aside from his Adonis DNA wielding highness, I mean. With the grave situation in Japan duly noted, I for one am enjoying the  break from Good Time Charlie gushing the warlock, tiger blood rubbish that made Lindsay Lohan's antics seem angelic.
My job on the air has afforded me at times the title "celebrity". And while it is on a very local level I am almost reluctant to have the word attached to me in any connotation. Every heard Brad Paisley's song "Celebrity"? "...When  you're a celebrity its adios reality..."  If you ask someone to name a celebrity who comes to mind? Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan???  Who wants to be lumped in with that bunch of kooks?
Quite frankly, even before the onset of recent natural disasters, outrageous gas prices and attacks on Lybia I found it hard to feel sorry for a guy who is suing his employer's because he's not getting his $2 million per episode and needs the income for his kids when he's just been on a self proclaimed epic "rock star" drug and hooker bender. Call me crazy but I would much rather hear about the philanthropic outpouring to Japan or what is being done about the gouging at the gas pump!  Just sayin....
PS: Thanks, Charlie for getting what was quite possibly one of the best sitcoms ever to grace the boob tube possibly canceled.  Winning....NOT!