Add this to the list of things we used to do all the time as kids that have now been totally RUINED.

The country is currently in the grip of a LIFEGUARD SHORTAGE.  Many kids are choosing to take classes over the summer instead of working and some kids looking for jobs didn't have the time or money to get certified as lifeguards.

That's left pools across the country without enough lifeguards to staff them.  Some cities are CLOSING pools.  Others are cutting back the hours when they're open.

And some cities are just leaving the pool UNSUPERVISED when they don't have a lifeguard available.

As you might expect, that's a pretty dangerous option.  At least one person has already DIED this summer because of it.  A 16-year-old girl drowned at a lake in Minnesota at a time when a lifeguard was budgeted to be on duty, but no one could be found.

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