Riley, the clever little girl in this video, has an epiphany in a toy store that turns into a mini-rant about the way that companies “try to trick the girls into buying the pink stuff instead of the stuff that boys want to buy.” Looks like toy companies ought to give the youngsters they market their products to a little more credit.

If you’ve ever walked through a toy store, you know that it doesn’t take a 5-year-old to point out which aisles are meant for girls and which ones are meant for boys, but does this sort of marketing reenforce gender stereotypes?

Riley makes a great point when she explains that both boys and girls like superheroes, so why should girls get stuck with having to play with little princess dolls? Shouldn’t kids have the option to pick which toys they want to enjoy, without being subjected to trickery and gimmicks? Perhaps it is time to start making toy stores a bit more gender neutral.

Check out the video below to hear Riley’s adorable and thought-provoking rant.

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