There's nothing quite like a really good lunch special and we're fortunate to have several in Lubbock to choose from each day. There's one special that I've been taking advantage of for YEARS though...Rosa's 'Taco Tuesday'!


The term 'Taco Tuesday' is fairly commonplace nowadays, but that wasn't always the case! I actually did a little digging and found out that the first reported 'Taco Tuesday' deal was at the White Star Cafeteria in the St. Regis Hotel in El Paso, Texas and it dates all the way back to 1933!

I associate 'Taco Tuesday' with Rosa's because that's where I've been going for many years and, as far as I know, they were the first in Lubbock to do it. The price has gone up over the years though, just like everything else. It used to be something like $3.49 for three crispy or soft beef or chicken tacos, rice, beans and two tortillas. When I went today, it was $6.39. So, it's still a pretty good deal!

You get all of the items I mentioned above on your tray, but I do a little freestyling when I order. I always add two extra delicious, warm, soft flour tortillas. Which gets me to the 'freestyle' part...


Since tacos can fall apart and get messy, I add a little safety blanket around the shell by putting my taco inside a flour tortilla. This makes a 'Double Decker Taco' and it's far superior to a regular taco. You start by adding some beans and rice to the center of the tortillas, as you can see above.


Then you put your crispy taco in the middle and fold the sides up to create a delicious, mess free Double Decker! It's as simple as that!

Also, don't forget to grab your fresh salsas and other traditional Mexican food condiments from the salsa bar...


Remember to put a little honey and butter on your leftover tortilla for dessert!


And there's NO shame in getting a dozen or so fresh made tortillas to take home with you!


The Taco Tuesday special runs all day each Tuesday at every Rosa's location in Lubbock.

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