Some folks need to start a diet and hit the gym.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is instituting a new new policy where their troopers will need to slim down by the end of the year. According to documents obtained by the Dallas Morning News, men with waists sizes over 40 inches and women over 35 inches will now have to track and share their weight loss efforts. According to reports, they will be monitoring around 200 individuals the rest of the year.


So what happens if they don't trim down? They can be denied promotions, overtime, or be removed from enforcement duties. Which sounds like you will be sitting behind a desk handing paperwork to me. This new policy affects around 4,000 people and only 200 are being monitored doesn't sound too bad to me.


Those who don't trim down, despite passing all their physical fitness tests, could still be disciplined. We will see how this goes, but I can smell some lawsuits coming. If people pass all their physical tests they can probably argue they can stay on duty despite their pant size. We will see how this goes.


The troopers have until December to get in shape. So I guess layoff the donuts guys and gals (just a joke). I don't know about you guys, but I have no desire to workout after work. Hopefully these folks find sometime in the day to get in a lift or some cardio. It looks like they could be out of the job if they don't.

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