This video popped up last night and people are going nuts about it. And many of you are misplacing your anger. This is not the fault of the Lubbock police officer.

Watch this video if you can handle it. It can be mildly graphic and isn't for minors. Plus, it does have audio that includes a police officer shooting a dog. The dog runs off and there isn't much graphic imagery, but you should still be aware that its not an easy thing to see.

This officer was called because an aggressive dog was trying to bite a lady and some children. The dog is the story here. An irresponsible owner has a dog that acts aggressively towards strangers, and that dog escaped from its home.

The officer that responded was there to keep people safe from an aggressive dog. Our officers are trained to handle situations like this. And while many of you say the officer didn't have to shoot the animal, very few of you are professionally trained for situations like this. If you are a professional animal trainer or another police officer, then your opinion here is pertinent. But if you're just an animal lover, then you need to be angry at the animal's owners and not the officer who was doing her job protecting the people of Lubbock. The dog was actively trying to bite anyone it saw and was acting extremely aggressive. The officer kept her cool as long as she could, but the dog moved on and kept trying to attack people.

Should the cop have used a taser of pepper spray? A lot of you think so. But if you read a little on whether pepper spray is effective on aggressive dogs, it isn't clear cut. And often if you don't hit the animal directly in the nose or eyes, it will only anger the animal, making them more aggressive. Same with tasers. We've all seen how these things aren't even 100 percent effective on people. They could very easily not work on dogs, either.

I don't know how our LPD is trained to handle a situation like this, but I do know that this officer wasn't looking to shoot an animal when she went to work. She was clearly feeling the emotional stress of the situation she was in; you can tell by her hands shaking in the video. Leave her alone, because she did the best job she could in a no-win situation. She had to protect the people from a dog who unfortunately was raised to be aggressive by an owner, who may or may not be a good person. But leave the officer alone because she was just doing her job. Dog attacks are very scary and they happen all the time. I would be more nervous dealing with an aggressive dog than I would an aggressive person.

And I also understand that there have been a ton of videos popping up about cops shooting dogs when they clearly shouldn't have. Those videos are disgusting, and those cops should be charged with animal cruelty and kicked off the police force. But watch this video again and try to put yourself in this officer's place. The dog had been attacking people already, was attempting to attack her and another man in the video, and would not leave or make any signs that it could be calmed down. The officer waited as long as she felt was safe, and finally made the horrible decision that she'll have to carry with her forever and killed an innocent dog. She did the best she could. If you want to be angry at someone, find the owner of the dog. This is their fault, not a cop doing her job.

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