The Lubbock Police Department took to their Facebook page with a helpful reminder about what is legal and illegal when it comes to aftermarket car lights.

"We have noticed an increase in aftermarket lights being added to personal vehicles. These lights make the car/truck visually distinctive and they look pretty cool, especially at night. However, there are some legal limitations we want you to be aware of if you are considering making this kind of modification to your vehicle," said the Lubbock Police Department. "So before you spend money on these aftermarket lights for your vehicle that will be driven on public roadways, consider these limitations.

Color of Lights

A motor vehicle shouldn't display white, red, or blue lights that flash, alternate, or beacon unless it is an authorized emergency vehicle or other vehicles such as a school bus or tow truck. A vehicle should never have a red light displayed to the front of the vehicle. Red is reserved for the rear of vehicles.

Number of Lights

You shouldn't have more than four (4) lamps displayed to the front of a vehicle at one time. For example, a vehicle with its factory headlights and fog lights on would fine. However, also turning on an additional light in the grille would be illegal (five lamps). What about LED lights? LED lights are actually made up of several small LED bulbs. The row or housing of LEDs only counts as one lamp. The individual LED bulbs are not counted individually.

Height of Lights

Auxiliary lamps must be mounted between 16 and 42 inches from the ground. Fog lamps must be mounted between 12 and 30 inches. Operating a vehicle on a public roadway with a LED light bar mounted on top of a truck turned on would be in violation of the height restrictions for auxiliary lamps.

Stay safe everyone!