Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center (3323 SE Loop 289) is offering $30 donations December 4th through December 8th, 2017. This is half of the normal adoption fee, and includes:

  • Spay/neuter
  • Microchip implanted
  • Rabies vaccine with tag and license (12 weeks or older)
  • All required species correct vaccinations
  • Collar and leash

$60 is much less than the normal vetting cost of a dog or cat. $30 is much, much less.

I believe deeply in #adoptdontshop. An adopted animal is neither defective or damaged. My adopted dog has a fantastic personality and is the love of my life.

Many "pure bred" dogs are the products of puppy mill conditions, which are horrific, cruel and disgusting. "Pure Bred" dogs are also more susceptible to congenital defects. But if you're very interested in a specific breed, they also find themselves in shelters for a variety of reasons. Regardless of what breed or what breed mix you decide on (or even if you decide on a kitty!) you are saving a life.

Bonus: Lubbock's Getting an Ice Skating Rink in December!

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