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If you are a teacher in the Lubbock area or basically anywhere else in Texas, Whataburger wants you to feel appreciated for the job you do. That's why this week, teachers can get free breakfast from Whataburger all week long!

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2-6 and from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. teachers can get their favorite breakfast item for free, as long as they show their school ID. Teachers, if you need any advice on what to get for breakfast, might I suggest a Sausage Bob, also known as a sausage breakfast on a bun. It's delicious. During the week, thirty teachers will win $1,000 each for their schools from Whataburger. According to a press release from Whataburger, this is one of the ways Whataburger is helping teachers.

Working with local school administrators, education foundations and school districts for teacher nominations, Whataburger wants to honor teachers who have made especially great impacts on their students and in their communities. The WhataTeacher awards are part of Whataburger’s Feeding Student Success program, which focuses the company’s charitable giving on community philanthropy targeting needs at the intersection of food insecurity and education. The program’s initiatives include Whataburger Resource Rooms on college campuses, the Whataburger Feeding Student Success Scholarship, and partnering with local schools on education and hunger awareness programs.

For almost 72 years, giving back to the community through volunteer time, contributions and hospitality has been a Whataburger tradition. For more information on Whataburger Feeding Student Success and how Whataburger supports its communities, please visit the Community Support page. To purchase WhataTeacher-branded, Class of 2022-branded and other official retail products, please visit the Whatastore.

Speaking of the Whatastore, this week teachers can get a 25% discount in the Whatastore with the code WHATATEACHER2022.

Thanks teachers for all you do!

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