The Lubbock Police Department is looking for information on these folks that collaborated to steal beer from my beloved and favorite convenience store, Stripes.

I've actually seen similar crimes committed with my own eyes more than once. The first time, a couple of dudes ran out with Bud Light on a disabled 7-11 clerk, and the second time I saw a Stripes employee tackle the man to the ground, take back the beer and then go back to checking people out like nothing happened. It was amazing.

If you ever get so hard up for beer you do this, know that the charges if you get caught are pretty steep. If you so much as brush someone on the way out, you will be charged with robbery. Since she worked with other people, she could be charged with organized retail theft. There's also many other ways a charge can be enhanced, so if you think you'll get away with just a ticket, think again.

If you have any information about this theft, you can call the Lubbock Crime Line at 741-1000.

Lubbock Police Officer Accident Footage Caught on Video

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