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Everyone has been impacted in different ways by the coronavirus pandemic. For some, it's the loss of income, for others it has been health-related, and some have lost careers and worry about how they will pay their next bill.

This is happening across the United States and yes, here in Lubbock as well. People are also going hungry. We've seen massive lines before in Texas and around the nation when food banks open their doors. It's a sad reality for far too many.

But groups are stepping up and doing what they can do to help their neighbors and fellow citizens.

On Saturday, February 6th in West Lubbock, the Talkington Boys and Girls Club located at 2603 Kewanee Avenue will be participating in a food box donation. It's called Farmers to Families Food Box which is offered through the United States Department of Agriculture.

The food box pickup will begin at noon on Saturday and last until 2:00pm according to a tweet sent out from Frenship ISD. The boxes of food are free and include produce, meat, and dairy products.

Everyone is welcome, but remember this is meant for those in need. There are no income requirements. All that is asked is that you arrive between noon and 2:30 and stay in your vehicle. Those participating will be mindful of COVID-19 health and safety practices.

If you have a question, contact the Boys and Girls Club at 806-792-2880.

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