Tuesday morning at 10am (March 8), the Lubbock City Council will hold the first of two public hearings concerning two separate sets of proposed annexation in Lubbock County.

The first parcel of land proposed for annexation is 300 acres of land adjacent to I-27, west of North Ash Avenue, south of County Road 5800, stopping to the west at North Avenue P.

The second parcel of land for proposed annexation is essentially 2,400 acres of land adjacent to the southern city limits bordered by Avenue U to the east, and Milwaukee Avenue to the west, going south to 148th Street. Three parcels of housing developments adjacent to 146th Street are excluded from the annexation.

Again, Tuesday's annexation public hearing will be at 10am at Lubbock City Hall. A second, and final, public hearing for the proposed annexations will be held Thursday night, March 10, at 5:30pm during a regular Lubbock City Council meeting.