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Going to the gas station to fill up your car is a necessary evil. I don’t know anyone that likes pumping gas, and that’s usually because weird stuff happens at gas stations.

A lot of the time the weird stuff that’s happening at gas stations is some sort of scam. The most common scam I've heard of is getting your card information stolen when you pay at the pump. This even happened to me a few years back, so I always check the card reader before swiping to make sure nothing is attached to it that might take my info.

While that's the scam I've seen the most, I recently came across another one that I’d never heard of before.

TikToker Sierra Solis posted a video about a weird experience she had at a gas station in Moreno Valley, California. While the meter was showing that the pump was working as it counted the gallons and sale price, nothing was coming out of the pump. In the caption of the video, she asks for help to figure out what’s happening and says that the gas station refused to give her a refund.

Turns out the commenters were very helpful and actually helped her figure out what was happening. Apparently, it's a scam where people switch the hoses to the opposite side, so when you swipe your card and pump your gas you're actually filling up someone else's car on the other side of the pump.

I can’t believe people do stuff like this. I understand needing gas, but going so far as to switch pumps and scam someone out of an entire tank of gas is ridiculous. I'd never heard of this happening before, but I will definitely be on the lookout from now on when I'm at the gas station.

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