A Lubbock family is searching for their son, Daniel Leyva. He may also be going by the name Daniel Martinez. Daniel is approximately 5'6" and 125 pounds. He has been reported to the Lubbock Police Department as a runaway.

via Chrissy Ann Leyva

From Chrissy Ann Leyva, Daniel's mother, on Lubbock Helping Lubbock Families Facebook post:

My son has ran away and I'm asking for everyone's help. He ran away because I was going to take his phone away. If you see him please contact Lubbock Police Department. He did not come home at all last night. He is already reported as a runaway. He called his dad to tell him he had ate and was safe for the night. If you helped him last night with a place to stay I am grateful but I don't want for you to get in trouble for harboring/enabling a runaway. His name is Daniel Leyva. He may be trying to go by the last name of Martinez. He is around 5'6" and 125 lbs. He was last seen wearing the black leather jacket with the black shirt in the first picture with the same black pants and shoes.

via Chrissy Ann Leyva on Facebook

If you have information on Daniel's whereabouts, you can contact the Lubbock Police Department, or you can email me at ReneeRaven@1025kiss.com and I will pass the information along to Daniel's mother.


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