Well, this is just a roller coaster ride of a story. A blog I wrote about the lack of real progress in diverting stormwater in Lubbock blew up. Then, the city announced a new drainage pipe. I was just about to apologize or thank them for the progress. Then, it rained.

Evidently, the stormwater fees we pay allowed for some pipe to carry storm waters out of Mackenzie Park. Great, that's a much better plan than using the roads for drainage to playa lakes. It would be a much better plan if people lived and worked in Mackenzie Park.

I'm glad our money is going from something, but last week's rains proved that our current plan flat-out sucks. It takes almost no time for this city to be underwater. I don't even know if there is a better plan out there. Maybe flooding is like big snowfalls: it happens so rarely, it's just better to tough it out.

The problem with the flooding isn't that nothing is really helping; it's that we're being charged for nothing that's really helping.

So, I guess kudos to the city for helping Mackenzie Park dry out. Now could you do something for The Loop & Quaker, or one of the many other spots that instantly flood?

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