You can take this any way you choose to. A candle company has launched a limited edition run of college town candles called Homesick. And Lubbock has one. But what do you think a Lubbock candle should smell like?

Before the jokes start, here's the company's take on what their Lubbock candle smells like:

Scents of butter and vanilla linger from the Dairy Barn. Sweet pecan-caramel sundaes and Buddy Holly tunes rockin’ at soda shops.  Cinnamon-red sunsets and a warm clove-scented breeze blows through The Jones.

Yeah, those aren't the smells most people associate with Lubbock. Maybe you do, but I don't.

Now, I'm not trying to trash the town here, but Lubbock can have some very distinct smells to be sure; and they're not all bad. But the ones that have always been the strongest are also the worst. Ask most people what smell they identify with Lubbock and you'll hear cow manure, oil fields, cottonseed, pesticides, you name it.

So my question is, what do you think a Lubbock candle would smell like? Or what do you think it SHOULD smell like? For almost $30, I think you should get to choose what it smells like. That's an expensive candle.

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