According to insurance giant Safeco, Lubbock was voted no. 1 on a list of the top 10 American cities with the shortest commute. But the drivers here still suck.

This list is only of mid-size cities, i.e. those with between 200,000 and 400,000 people. And we're no. 1, which, unlike the FBI's crime report about the most dangerous Texas cities, is a good thing.

Here's what Safeco Insurance says:

With a population of 294,530 and an average daily commute of 16 minutes, Lubbock is our top pick for drivers who prefer to spend less time sitting behind the wheel. Unlike larger metropolitan cities, such as Dallas and Houston, life here moves at a slower pace—but fortunately that doesn’t apply to the traffic.

This list doesn't take into account, however, that our fellow Lubbock drivers on that short commute make it seem like it takes forever. Seriously Lubbock, what the hell is wrong with you when you get behind the wheel?

Amarillo and College Station-Bryan also made this list, but who cares about them.

Now, watch a video about how crappy Lubbock drivers are.