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Lubbock is full of some amazing restaurants and bars, but there is definitely still room to add more great establishments to the Hub City.

As a foodie and a bit of a nerd, there is a certain restaurant I keep hearing about that I would love to see come to Lubbock. Storm Crow Manor is a restaurant in Toronto that calls itself a ‘sports bar for geeks’.

The establishment features board games and fantasy memorabilia alongside sci-fi themed food and drinks. The feature that really catches my interest as a Dungeons and Dragons player, is the option to roll a twenty-sided die to pick your meal or drink. You can roll for a random shot, or fill out your meal’s character sheet with a series of rolls to see what kind of food adventure you’ll be taking that night.

This sounds like so much fun and is a great way to bring in a bunch of nerdy folk, or catch the eye of those looking for a unique and adventurous experience.

We currently have a game store in Lubbock called Stormcrow, so that name is already established in the Hub City, but any other nerdy name for a restaurant like this would be very fitting. You could dive into a certain theme like D&D or any other fantasy theme that would pique a geeks interest.

There are plenty of other restaurants and bars like this around the United States, so why hasn’t is made its way to Lubbock yet?

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