Here's another nationwide list of cities. Lubbock's on it at #113. Yay? Well when you consider its about food, and we all have to eat, then yeah I'm cool with this.

While Lubbock ranks closer to #182 ish on the population rankings, we are all the way up to 113 for this food list from That's actually really good compared to where we could be. Austin is the only Texas city in the top 10. And Dallas, which has been home to many food shows and famous chefs for years now, is only at #36. Houston is at #16 and San Antonio is #25, so Texas overall isn't well regarded as a foodie state.

Here are the full rankings:

Source: WalletHub

As a bonus though, Texas did have 4 out of the top 5 cities with the lowest cost of groceries. And Amarillo was at the bottom with the 5th fewest craft breweries and wineries, so we beat them. Nice.

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