This is not an opinion piece. It's not a scientifically conducted ranking either. Don't kill the messenger here. I'm just re-posting what another website originally posted. Lubbock is the worst city in Texas to live in.

According to the website, every state has a city that's the worst city in that state to live in. The criteria they used to determine these rankings are total population, average home price, average income compared to the state median, amount of adults with college degrees and percentage of people living in poverty.

And while this is a very unscientific study done just by a random website, the information isn't completely off-base. It does show an overall picture of a city, and that picture of Lubbock isn't a good one:

43. Texas
> Worst city to live: Lubbock
> Population: 249,051
> Median home value: $126,900
> Poverty rate: 22.4%
> Adults with at least a bachelor’s degree: 26.8%

The typical household in Lubbock, Texas earns only $45,551 a year, about $10,000 less than the median income across the state. The city’s poverty rate underscores the prevalence of financial hardship in Lubbock. Some 22.4% of people in the city live in poverty, well above the 15.9% statewide poverty rate and 14.7% nationwide poverty rate.

Like many cities on this list, Lubbock is not an especially safe place. With 967 violent crimes in 2015 for every 100,000 area residents, violent crime is more than twice as common in Lubbock as it is across both Texas and the nation as a whole.

Now I know many of you will wholeheartedly disagree with the title 'worst city in Texas to live.' But as a city, we should at least take these statistics to heart and realize that our city still needs improving.

A 22 percent poverty rate and a crime rate that's double that of the state and national average aren't good statistics. And we have one of the largest and best universities in Texas and a great one out of all of America, and yet we only have 1/4 of our population with a degree? That's not a positive retention rate for our graduates.

Take from this what you will. Many will simply dismiss this as a stupid website trying to get clicks, and they're right. That's exactly what this is. But the statistics are true, and the picture could be better. So let's make this a positive thing, and find ways to improve our place in the world.


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