The city wants us to help them in creating and developing a new master plan for Lubbock's walking and biking needs. I think its way overdue, but better late than never.

If you have ever complained that its too dangerous to ride your bike or walk in Lubbock, you're not alone. I try to ride my bike a lot when the weather is good, but I make sure I stay away from any big streets because even having to cross them quickly is damn near impossible.

Hopefully this new plan by the city will actually make some improvements. Its off to a good start by asking us, the people of Lubbock, to give our opinions on what will make the city safer for walking and biking.

First go here and take the short questionnaire for your input on conditions in Lubbock.

Then click this link to see the current proposals on a map of Lubbock. We get to suggest our own routes that we'd like to see the planning commission implement too.

And make sure you keep an eye on the Facebook Page to know when the open meetings are for public comments and input. Having safer hiking and biking possibilities on our city help us be better all around.

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