Some scams never die, they just get worse.

The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office has announced that the old jury scam is back with a new twist.

From The Lubbock County Sheriff's Office:

The caller will tell the resident that they have warrants out for their arrest, typically, for failing to show up for jury duty, and that he (suspect) can take a “fine” payment over the phone. The suspect will continue the call with payment information, and directions to the prospective victim, on how payment can be made to reconcile the bogus warrant. Suspects are known to be very persistent and convincing. The suspect or suspects are using multiple local phone numbers.

Oh but here is where it gets nasty, the scammers are using the actual names of LSO deputies as to add legitimacy to the calls.

The LSO will NEVER CALL YOU about a warrant, they will just show up at your door. If you get one of these fake calls, hang up and call the LSO at 775-1601.

And be sure to pass this on to your elderly family and friends, they are always the ones hit hardest by these types of scams!

Don't believe everything you hear, especially from a stranger on the phone!

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