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A Lubbock man was arrested for Aggravated Robbery and Making a Terroristic Threat after it's said he stole groceries and threatened employees with a knife.

KAMC News reports that 35-year-old David Zachary Christenson had paid for groceries with cash at a grocery store in the 2700 block of 26th Street on Friday, October 28th. However, he was seen on security footage returning just a few minutes afterwards.

Lubbock Police say that Christenson tried to buy a beer and another unknown item with a debit card, but it was declined. He tried to the card multiple times, becoming more aggressive each time. At one point, it's said that he grabbed the employee's hand.

Christenson eventually gave up on paying and started walking out of the store with the bag of groceries. He was confronted by multiple other employees and escorted back to the register.

At this point, Christenson began to pull items out of his pockets, one of which was a knife. He grabbed the knife and held it at 2 of the employees. They stepped back, but several other employees who saw what was happening confronted Christenson and tackled him.

Christenson was dragged outside of the store right before police arrived. He remains in the Lubbock County Detention Center with bonds totaling $20,000.

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