Lubbock will once again be making History...only this time, it's on the actual History Channel.

Alone is a Survivor-style reality television series that starts its sixth season on June 6th, 2019. This season, a Lubbock man will be competing to survive in the Arctic for a $500,000 prize which goes to the last-man-standing winner.

Tim Backus, a 55-year-old hunting guide who lives in Lubbock, will be one of the contestants on the upcoming season of Alone, so we'll be keeping an extra close eye the show to see how long he will last.

This season, like all but season 4 in which contestants were paired, will feature 10 contestants who are dropped off in remote locations in the Arctic. Contestants are generally dropped far enough apart to ensure that they do not encounter one another. They're dropped during late autumn adding the transition to winter, challenged to survive the elements without a cameraman or provided shelter.

The contestants select 10 survival items from a pre-approved list and are issued clothing, first aid supplies and a kit of standard equipment in an attempt to live in the wild for as long as possible. Here's what Backus chose: Bow and arrows; Sleeping bag; Ax; Knife; Fishing line and hooks; Saw; Ferro rod; Pot; Shovel; and Paracord.

Contestants may quit during any time for any reason via satellite phone, and are checked on periodically by medical professionals. Otherwise, they have no other human contact while they are in the wild, relying solely on their own skill to find food, build shelter, and endure extreme conditions.

Good luck from Lubbock, Tim. We hope to see you standing last on Alone!


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