Yeah...winter is here. Drink Up, and remember Summer.

Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
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Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

In case you are wondering...yes, this is me. You're probably wondering how we got here...

No...this wasn't today. Although...I was REALLY FREAKING TEMPTED to say that it was. Damn censors...ruin all of our fun.


Today was the first day where we got a taste of what Winter COULD be like for us this season here in Lubbock. 1/4 inch of ice on the windshields was pretty much it, so far. All in all, we haven't done too badly as far as the number of accidents in the least, compared to how ridiculous drivers usually are here in The Hub City (42mph in the left lane in a 45 zone is NOT ACCEPTABLE, FYI). However, once the flurries REALLY begin to fly over the next 24 hours, we're gonna see what we are made of.

And...I'm terrified.

Not of the ice and snow, mind I have some experience with that, having lived in both Salt Lake City and in New England (where Winter sends the Summer). However, I am really skeptical that Lubbock drivers have a single ounce of knowledge of how to the snow. (Glad I clarified that statement...although, both comments are correct). I've seen people do the 4-lane swerve, cutting off 3 other cars and narrowly missing a group of nuns on the sidewalk...just to whip into the Whataburger on a CLEAR DAY. So, don't tell me that it gets better when we are under pressure.

Just do yourself a favor. Slow down, stay home, don't hoard bread and milk. Telecommute. After all, isn't it infinitely more comfortable to work from home in your fluffy bunny pajamas and slippers? Heck, I'm IN the office...and I'm wearing Spider Man jammies (sorry, my webcam is inoperable).

I did get a nice shot this morning out at Ransom Canyon in the ice...

Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

Well, maybe not. That's actually Alaska. Or...Amarillo, You decide.

In the mean time, enjoy these random pictures from my camera of ice and snow storms that I've already experienced. Like I said...I can handle this stuff better than you.


Ice And Snow Photos