We live in a digital age where everything seems to revolve around the world wide web. Our children are mesmerized by the images they see on their screens, but how do you know if that content is safe?

Busy parents don’t necessarily have time to do a deep dive into the impact a single program or movie could have on their child’s future, which is why Common Sense Media is such an amazing resource.

This non-profit organization has been reviewing media and technology content for going on two decades with one main initiative in mind: to provide parents and educators with recommendations on what's suitable for children and warnings for what is not.

Tech and Kids
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A simple search will provide information on a program’s educational value, the presence of unsuitable material such as violence, nudity and drug use, and suggestions for the ideal age of viewership. It also has reviews from parents and kids alike, as well as where you can watch the program. We also love that it gives a synopsis of each show and talking points to have with your kids after they watch.

Best of all, they have an entire section of their website that's dedicated to answering parents' biggest questions, including how to keep your kids safe online and what programs are best suited for children broken down by age. Additionally, they provide a breakdown of the various streaming platforms and social media apps. This is fantastic information for those parents who are not as technologically savvy as the rest of the world.

While there are no guarantees in life when it comes to our kid's safety, Common Sense Media at least gives parents some peace of mind when it comes to their kid's programming. Just remember that always advised that parents vet the content their children watch, prior to their viewership.

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