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The Lubbock Police Department is actually pretty active on social media. In the past, the department's Facebook and Twitter accounts have posted updates about different traffic stops throughout the day, warnings about weather and general information about the law.

This week the Lubbock Police Department took to social media to warn citizens about speeding and also provided a hint about which roads they would be focusing on soon.

It all started on March 25th according to KAMC when Lubbock police pulled a man over on the I-27 service road. Traffic was being diverted onto the service road and the driver was going about 110mph. Lubbock police officers eventually caught up to the driver and pulled the Dodge Charger over. According to KAMC, the driver was arrested for reckless driving.

On Wednesday, the Lubbock Police Department took to social media to tell the story and, of course, warn other drivers that they shouldn't be like the person driving the Charger. Driving that fast anywhere, but especially on a service road, can be dangerous for all involved.

Then, the Lubbock police gave out a hint about where the next enhanced enforcement of traffic was going to be at:

Why? That's when we conduct our next special traffic enforcement. What, you want to know where to slow down to avoid those tickets or worse, arrests? Well, we'd suggest, you know, all the roads in Lubbock, but especially our major east/west roads like:

Erskine St., 4th St., 19th St., 34th St., 50th St., 66th St., 82nd St., 98th St., 114th St. and 130th St. So, consider this your warning, and slow it down, fair citizen!

So now you know. Don't speed in Lubbock. If you do, the police will catch you, and they just might end of posting about your detainment on social media.

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