I first met Randi Flood when we were both dispatchers for the Lubbock Police Department. We worked different shifts but crossed paths frequently. One thing I can say about Randi is that she is just one of the sweetest people ever.

I recently discovered that this past August, Randi was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of stage 3 Adenocarcinoma and is currently undergoing treatment that is just as aggressive.

As a previous dispatcher, I know what it takes to do the job. It takes commitment and a love for the Lubbock community, which Randi no doubt has. Her husband also serves our community as a police officer, and they have a beautiful little girl.

This giving family needs our help now. Treatment, travel, and cost have no doubt taken its toll on The Flood Family, though I have never seen Randi without her precious smile.

A GoFundMe account for Randi has been set up to help absorb some of the financial burden during this time. With as much as the Flood family has given to our community, wouldn’t it be great to give back?

If you're unable to give financially, just sharing this with your friends and family to get the word out would be greatly appreciated.

Keep smiling, Randi -- you got this!

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