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If you have been inside a Walmart or any other growing number of big box stores, you have probably noticed the spread of self-checkout lanes. For years, I have been talking about this on the show as something more and more people will see for a variety of reasons.

Some Lubbock residents have decided to complain about the spread of self-checkout lanes on the Nextdoor app and website. The main post was about a CVS location in Lubbock where a store employee allegedly told the customer that the store was self-checkout.

Other residents jumped on the topic discussing places like Walmart and some fast food companies that are also having customers order and pay for their food through a tablet device.

For those who may hate self-checkout, all I can say is, get used to it. CVS actually announced years ago that it was shifting to self-checkout lanes and moving employees around the store.

After the "Fight for $15 movement", COVID along with many companies paying higher wages, and now battling record high inflation, companies are looking where they can save money and one of those places is the checkout line.

Some companies have begun to run into some problems, like people stealing items or walking out thinking they scanned items, but made a mistake. Also, some people are just bad at technology or they just can't work the machines.

I went into a Walmart fairly recently for the first time in months and in order to prevent theft, they had customers showing their receipts. In Texas, you are under no legal obligation to show your receipt to a store employee. I was in a hurry and the line had more than 10 shoppers waiting to show their receipt. I just went around them and held a receipt in my hand.

My prediction? Get ready for more self-checkout lanes at more places you do business at. It's the direction we are moving.

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