Chris Beard rumors have been bouncing everywhere, but it boils down to two rumors that have been said in many different ways.

So we trust this guy named Brad that Beard is going to Texas and has already signed a deal in principle to be the next men’s basketball coach in Austin. Look at the big brain on Brad:

Or we can listen to smart people like Casey Buscher, who thinks that Kirby Hocutt and company didn't just sit around and let Beard be courted by the University of Texas without offering him an extension to stay in Lubbock and be paid even more for a longer amount of time:

If an extension does get signed in Lubbock, I think we can thank a few people. If you know the name Dustin Womble, I'd assume he's involved. We can also thank AD Hocutt for getting the potential extension done, which he's already done for Beard to keep him in town this long. The usual players and all that.

You can also, potentially, thank Beef 'O' Brady's for closing the deal.

They offered Chris Beard free chicken wings for life. FOR LIFE!

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The eatery announced the bribe, I mean offer, on their Facebook page:

I'm assuming Beard already gets free beer in Lubbock when he walks into any establishment, so the wings pretty much cover the rest of any person's needs. Right? I could totally be sustained on chicken wings and celery sticks for the rest of my life.

Lock it in, Coach Beard. Quickly.

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