A Stripes Convenience Store in Lubbock has let an employee go after she attempted to stop a thief.

In an interview with KAMC, Catiana Hyppolipe said that her manager said she was a great employee before letting her go. Hyppolipe was told by her store manager that it was "wrong" to follow the thief, 23-year-old David John Holt, outside the store and confront him about his crime.

Holt stole a 2-liter bottle of soda and a package of donuts from the Stripes Convenience Store located at 65th Street and University Avenue.

When Holt was confronted by Hyppolipe in his car, he put the car in reverse and attempted to flee while she was reaching in to retrieve the stolen items. This knocked Hyppolipe to the ground, she said.

However, she was still able to write down the thief's license plate number. Police found and arrested Holt using that information.

You can watch Hyppolipe's interview with KAMC below.

[via Everything Lubbock]