An African-American Uber driver in Lubbock says he endured racist comments and was beaten by several of his passengers. His injuries are so extensive that he’s been hospitalized.

By the time Lubbock police officers arrived at the scene Saturday night (July 7), Uber driver Roosevelt Portee, Jr. was already bruised and beaten, and the suspects had fled the area.

Portee, Jr. had called police to 19th and Boston, where he had told his Uber passengers to get out. Portee, Jr. told KAMC News that after telling the passengers to leave his car, they drug him from the driver seat, and kneed him in the face at least five times, breaking his nose.

Pictures Portee, Jr. took after the attacked clearly show blood on his face and his right eye blue and swollen. It’s unclear what prompted the assault, but according to Portee, Jr., racism may have been a factor.

Police are still searching for the suspects and conducting an investigation. Portee, Jr. continues to recover from his injuries.

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