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Last week marked the annual fall family get-together some love and others hate, Thanksgiving. As someone that was not only born around Thanksgiving, but also loves anything to do with food, I am quite fond of the holiday.

As a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving, as well as my birthday which happened to fall on the holiday this year, my family decided it would be fun to rent a cabin in Ruidoso for a few days. We made sure to get a dog-friendly rental so we could bring our pups, and made the four-hour drive on Wednesday afternoon.

We knew there was some snow in the forecast, but didn’t think much of it as made our way to New Mexico. After settling in the first night and even having a surprise visit from my sister who I didn’t know would be there, all was well. We went to bed that night and woke up on Thanksgiving to a heard or deer in the front yard and a very light flurry of snow.

Thanksgiving went well and continued to snow throughout the day and into the night. The next day we woke up to much more snow than anticipated, at least a few inches. Nothing too crazy, but enough to impede any sort of travel without some effort. We spent most of the day indoors, admiring the snow from a distance, but the time eventually came when we would need to dig out our cars in preparation for our departure.

After a long while of digging snow, sliding tires, and plenty of hard work, my partner and dad managed to clear things up enough to get to the main road. Of course, being from non-snowy areas like Lubbock and Arizona (where my sister and her partner live), we don’t own cars that are great in wintery weather. My mom, with her all-wheel drive, had no problem. However, my partner’s car experienced a bit of slipping and sliding on the rugged cabin driveway before we made it to the less icy roads.

Thankfully we all made it home safe to our far-less snowy homes, and everyone had a great Thanksgiving that we will remember for a long time.

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